Onda small-building heat distribution substations

Hot water, floor and/or radiator network heating

Onda heat distribution substations are top quality HDC for small-buildings. At the heart of the Onda HDC beats an acid withstanding steel heat exchanger, that has been soldered with copper. Onda soldered heat exchangers are unique in their technical solution, which are also protected by numerous patents. Onda heat exchangers carry a 5 year guarantee in district heating when used in Finland.

Easy to install – Compact build

Sturdy build guarantees ease of installation with wall installation. District heat incoming and outgoing plumbing face downward which guarantees the maximization of suitability. Hot water, heating and air conditioning plumbing coupling are generally facing down or able to change facing up and this eases installation. Complete installation needs only plumbing, electric input, and outer feeling objective coupling.

Factory Ready – Best Equipped

Standard equipped:
• Onda top quality sheet heat exchangers
• Polyurethane insulation cloak, shockproof plastic surface
• Electronic adjusting equipment, one sided temperature is easy to see on the adjusting equipment’s monitor as well as GSM modem possibility, voice guidance, burglary alarm, moisture alarm etc. etc.
• Unique water regulator verifying charge container system
• Circulating water pumps for hot water and radiator network, as well as utilization switch(L1/floor lj-pump interception thermostat)
• In the Lj-pump is found a shrewd outer thermostat that contains summer use function, this saves energy and prevents the pump from getting jammed
• Lj-pump can also be frequency changer pump, this saves up to 70% of electric costs
• Interception valve and combination valve for warm water, for circulating heating water, cold water input, as well as for filling the heating network
• Pressure meter and thermometer – expansion vessel – safety valve
• STANDARD also primary side gear (2 pcs. Interception valve, pressure and temperature meters)