Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers

Configuration and function

Onda’s brazed plate heat exchangers consist of pressed plats, that are soldered together in an oven. During construction, every other plate is turned 180 degrees around in comparison to the previous. Configuration consists of two flow canals, where flowing matters travel the opposite directions. The shape of canal plates causes a turbulent current, which keeps the canal defile clean. In addition this causes an extremely efficient heat exchange between the flowing matter, also when flowing with a small current. All components take part in the heat exchange.


Typical task adaptations are: District heat and heat distribution centers, district coolings, heating, floor heating, air conditioning duty, heat reclaiming, free cooling, boiler plant, hot water heating, steamer (AE)/steam condenser duties in a heatpump, as a solution refrigerant, as a oil refrigerant etc.

Customer support

Naturally we will help you optimize Onda’s brazed plate heat exchanger in almost all tasks. We perform all heat technological measurements with our computer program, also district heating heat distribution centers. We only need starting values.

Insulation & combination

Brazed plate heat exchangers are delivered with insulating cloaks (Polyurethane or foam) and connectors (weldable and/or solderable, Compact Flanges and threaded connections).